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Dr. (Yuu) Ba. (You) Vo. (Sono) Gu. anzi Key. 彩雨 (Ayame)

Matenrou Opera was formed in October 2006 by Sono, the talented vocalist of Jeniva. After Jeniva disbanded on October 14th, Sono and Jeniva's drummer Yuu started working on the new band.

All the members were chosen already in October, before Jeniva even disbanded. The following two months Matenrou Opera spent by rehearsing, designing costumes and preparing for their first lives in the spring otherwise as well.

In January, the band spent some time in studio, recording their first single. The name of the band was kept a secret until 23rd of February, when Yuu finally announced it in his blog. He also announced the date of their first live; it was to take place at Urawa Narciss on May 4th. It was also decided that their first single, alkaloid showcase, would be released on that day.

In reality, Matenrou Opera's very first live was on April 28th, a secret live held at Urawa Narciss. For now, the band has severallived planned all the way until July 28th.

 alkaloid showcase 2007.05.04

 01. alkaloid showcase
 02. 風の鳥 (Kaze no tori)

 ¥1,050 (tax in)

After releasing alkaloid showcase, Matenrou Opera kept busy with lives all through the summer and autumn. However, at their live on October 30th, Matenrou Opera gave bad news to their fans; the guitarist Mika and keyboardist Karen would leave the band in November. While the news surprised many fans, the decision had apparently been long time coming, and already when the band announced Karen and Mika would leave, they also told that replacements had already been taken care of.

The last live with the original members was held on Nobember 17th at Ikebukuro Cyber. It was not, however, until halfway through December when the names of the new members were announced; the new guitarist was to be anzi, formerly of Sylphid, and the new keyboardist would be 彩雨 (Ayame), who used to go under the name of soh in Ry:dia. The year's remaining lives were, however, held without anzi and Ayame.

Around the same time with the member changes, it was also announced that Matenrou Opera would join the label Sherow Artist Society.

As the new year started, Matenrou Opera started doing lives with the new members, and around the turn of the year pictures with the new members and new costumes started popping up on Matenrou Opera's site as well as on SAS's site. The band seems to consider the new year an entirely new start. They acknowledge they didn't release much in 2007, and have promised the fans to release more during the year 2008. As of January no release news have turned up, but most likely we can anticipate something new quite soon.

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